I know it's way, way too early, but Lenovo's winning the show for me thus far. Two days out from the official kickoff of CES 2016, and the company's already rolled out a slew of impressive products.

At the high end are some grea-looking convertible tablets, but even the company's lowly peripherals have gotten a makeover.

Take, for example, this cool Yoga mouse. That hunchback design is more than simple portable ergonomics. The device actually sports a hinge in the middle that transforms into it a flat mouse and a presentation remote, thus properly living up to the Yoga name.

Once in presenter mode, a series of lights pop up, giving you control over things like advancing slides and adjusting the PC's volume. Slick, innovative, and highly functional is the name of the game.

The mouse will be priced at $70 when it launches in April.

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