Faraday Future has plans to launch a 1,000 HP electric car, and the company recently unveiled the concept, revealing what seems to be a lot like the Batmobile.

Faraday Future had some pretty mysterious beginnings, where the carmaker intends to rival the Tesla Model S at the CES 2016. What's more, the company is already looking into building a $1 billion factory in Nevada to get things off the ground.

It seems like the secretive Faraday Future is about to rock the electric car industry, but before that happens, here are the nitty-gritty details of the upcoming futuristic vehicle.

The Faraday Future Electric Car Concept

Faraday Future showcased a non-functional model at the CES 2016 on Monday, calling it the FFZero1 Concept.

Interestingly, it sports a chassis that can accommodate various body styles, which could speed up the whole process of offering different variants on the market. The design is dubbed Variable Form Architecture, and the name is pretty straightforward because of the modular prospect.

That could be all according to the company's plans to roll out vehicles suited for particular days, where a small model will be designed for city driving during the workweek and a larger one for family driving on weekends.

The electric car also features a battery system that can still work even when one of the packs fails to deliver. Each unit is impressively large to last through a long drive. Also, it can reportedly bring 1,000 HP to the table and a self-driving feature.

"We will launch with fully electric vehicles that will offer smart and seamless connectivity to the outside world. Beyond traditional electric vehicles, we are also developing other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving," Faraday Future says.

Going over the design, it has what the company calls the "UFO line," and according to lead designer Richard Kim, it's going to be a standard on all Faraday Future vehicles. At any rate, it appears to be a bit too prepared for the future, but it's obviously not final, which is the usual case with most displays like this.

Also, some attendees expecting to see a production-ready model at the invitation-only event were likely to have been disappointed.

The functional model will probably just take a couple of elements from the concept, where the cockpit-like one-seater implementation inside could perhaps be written off the final plans for a two-seater.

The Premature Leak

The details of the vehicle leaked when Faraday Future Concept's iOS app went up at the App Store a day before the Las Vegas announcement. It was, of course, immediately taken down.

However, a Twitter user was able to upload images of the concept before Faraday Future's display at CES 2016.

AppShopper even got ahold of a cached listing of the Faraday Future Concept app.

Closer Look

The same person who got the screenshots also uploaded a video on YouTube.

This time around, the app has apparently returned to the App Store.

"This unique vehicle offers unprecedented performance through conscientiously crafted, state-of-the-art transportation technologies. This vision for this car was realized in record time through the pioneering collaboration of passion-fueled automotive experts and imaginative tech innovators," the description says.

Before CES 2016 

Faraday Future was hard at work to make a big splash at the huge tech event, publishing a teaser or two here and there.

Before the 10-second footage went live, the carmaker also launched a YouTube video titled "What If?" As the name suggests, it asks a lot of questions to get people thinking, suggesting that the company will redefine the auto industry in due time.

"If we could let ourselves forget everything we know about cars, would we invent the same car industry we have today? What would happen if we just started clean?" it asked, which was followed by a slew of other questions.

Faraday Future is determined to reinvent the industry with a desire to follow Apple's footsteps.

"Apple didn't just transform the phone, they transformed the way we lived our lives, and we want to do that, too. We are embarking on nothing less than a complete rethink of what mobility means," Nick Sampson, product architect of Faraday Future, says.

You can also check out the FFZero1 Concept video below.

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