Nikon has traditionally taken a while to jump onto new trends, but it has just filled a void in its lineup with the KeyMission 360, a wearable action cam that is able to record true 360 degree video in 4K, according to the company.

The KeyMission 360 is the first in what Nikon is calling a new line of action cameras, suggesting that we'll probably see more from the company in the near future.

The camera itself is small, but is a little larger than the GoPro Hero Session 4. It has two rather obvious lenses on the front and the back, and is shockproof to 2 meters, or around 7 feet, and waterproof to 30 meters, or 100 feet. The image sensor and lens combination on opposite sides of the camera send images inside, where they are combined in-camera to create a single high-definition, 360-degree image.

Nikon has yet to share information about pricing, availability, image sensors, and so on, but is likely that we will see more information in the near future. It is scheduled to be released in the spring.

The action camera market has largely been dominated by GoPro over the past few years, and while GoPro cameras are certainly excellent action cameras, it will nice to see more options on the market. Not only that, but GoPro doesn't offer in its lineup a single camera that can capture 360-degree video.

Via: The Verge

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