Virtual reality is already proving to be one of the biggest trends of the year. As the headsets become more reality than concept, the possibilities seem endless. More and more people are getting behind VR, and not just as a gaming platform, but as a tool with a variety of uses.

That being said, modern virtual reality will always have its roots in gaming. The Oculus Rift managed to crush its Kickstarter goals thanks to dedicated gamers, and HTC is co-developing their Vive VR system with Valve and SteamOS. And then there's Sony: with over 35 million PlayStation 4 units sold, now is the perfect time to launch a console-exclusive headset.

If there's anything to worry about, it's whether or not there'll be anything to do once the headsets actually launch. Thankfully, fans of PlayStation VR don't have much to worry about: at CES 2016, Sony confirmed that over 100 different VR-enabled titles are currently in development.

Speaking with BBC, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai confirmed that over 200 different developers are currently working with the PlayStation VR headset on roughly 100 different titles. That kind of support for a piece of hardware that hasn't even been released is almost unheard of, and it should bode well for anyone who purchases PlayStation VR when it launches later this year.

"Well, I think the fact that we have more than 200 developers signed up for the PlayStation VR program - who are working on probably about a hundred or more titles that will play on PlayStation VR - is a testament to the kind of support that we're getting from the content creation community."

Hirai went on to comment on the impact of virtual reality on other mediums, such as films: "...I think then we'll be able to expand beyond gaming, especially because we have a lot of content that we create ourselves at Sony Pictures Entertainment."

Sadly, gamers still don't know much about the titles headed to PlayStation VR...or how much the headset will cost, or when it'll actually launch. Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation VR headset is scheduled for release sometime during the first half of 2016 - as for the rest of the details, it looks like fans will have to wait just a little bit longer.

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