Los Angeles-based Reach Bionics is on hand at CES this week showing off a VR peripheral prototype intended to put interaction with the virtual world onto the face of the user, controlling aspects of the interaction via facial expressions.

Still in the early stages of development, the system works by embedding fabric sensors into the liner of a VR headset, sensors which are capable of detecting electromyographic signals transmitted as the user moves around their face muscles. So, rather than a handheld control, the player could, say, smirk left or right to move in those directions.

Seems a little silly at first, but the solution is arguably as compelling as any other VR movement setups we've seen — and it certainly costs a heck of a lot less than, say, buying a giant treadmill.

The company is hoping to partner with a headset manufacturer to integrate the functionality into a set. It's also hoping to have a fully working demo out by year's end.

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