Peach Is The Cool New Messaging App Everyone’s Talking About: Here’s How To Use It


If you've been spending time on Twitter these days, you're probably aware that the app called Peach is the hottest new thing.

Developed by Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann, Peach is a simple, fun way to connect with friends through the Internet. As such, there's no denying that the app is quickly gaining traction among netizens.

Android users should not get their hopes up though, as this app, said to be a mix of Slack and Twitter, is only available for iOS.

Here's how to use the new craze in town.

Create An Account

Just like any other social media platform, you need to create an account and a user name first.

It is worth noting that scores of new users on Peach have reportedly been using names of celebrities – the likes of Tim Cook, Taylor Swift, Taye Diggs, Tila Tequila, The Rock and more – as their handles.

Add Friends

Once you have registered, you then get to add some of your friends before streaming updates from other people you are associated with.

The app's home screen is akin to Twitter's interface. Tapping into a person's post, however, will reveal a bunch of other details.

It is worth noting that there is no direct messaging in this particular app. It's actually all out in the open.

Familiarize Yourself With "Magic Words"

What makes the social network out-of-the-box and interesting is that it lets you play around with things the site calls "magic words." Specific features are activated when you key in these magic words. For instance, these trigger words will let you add a doodle, a location, a GIF or other forms of media to your home screen.

Full List Of Magic Words

Here's a full list of magic words you need to keep in mind when using the new app.

Here – This word will provide your present location.

Shout – This will let you "say" a few words and even emoji in big letters with a colored background.

Draw – As its name implies, "Draw" will let you make a doodle that you can post on your home screen.

Goodmorning – Key in this word to say good morning to your friends on Peach.

Goodnight – This one's used when saying "good night."

Song – This particular magic word works a la Shazam (it recognizes the song you're currently playing using the device's microphone). Your friends can then tap on the song to open it via Spotify or Apple Music.

Battery – Use this if you wish to share your battery's percentage with your friends on Peach.

Rate – You can use this word to rate something (from one to five stars).

Move – This will let you add your movement such as miles and steps.

Weather – This will let other people know the current weather in your location.

Events – Type this word if you want other people to see the number of events on your calendar today.

Safari – This will open a browser to search for a link.

Dice – This will roll the dice.

Date – This will add in the present date.

Time – This word adds the present time.

Movie – With the use of, this will let you add a movie.

Book – This will add a book.

Game – This will let you add a video game.

TV – This adds a TV show.

GIF – When you type in this word, a GIF search button will crop up, allowing you to search for a GIF, thanks to Giphy's API.

The Bottom Line

Peach is experiencing some technical difficulties. However, the team behind the app promises to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

All in all, it appears that this new app is pretty interesting and unique, since no one else has done it before.

If you're also interested, give it a try.

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