So, that plant pot right there is an air purifier. The big vent you see blows out air that's absorbed through the plant and filtered through the soil. Essentially, Laboratori Fabrici claims that the system harnesses and enhances the plant's natural air purifying abilities, removing dangerous and annoying particles from the air.

The system is also, naturally, a smart one, featuring built-in sensors that monitor the air quality, pollutants, temperature, and humidity in real time, transmitting that information to a connected mobile device.

The company has a preorder page for the Clairy set up on its site, but it's not quite live yet. When it is, Laboratori Fabrici is expecting a price point of around $150 to $200 for the smart ceramic pot.

Oh, as as for the smell of a system that blows air from the inside of a potted plant, the rep I spoke with told me that it's detectable the first time you power the purifier up, but disappears after a few minutes. A small price to pay for a super-powered plant.

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