Microsoft recently released a new system update for the Xbox One. No new features were added to the gaming console from the system update, but according to Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, it included fixes for some "behind the scenes" bugs.

It is not clear what the system update is looking to fix, and on which systems or functionalities the fixes will be applied to.

In addition to the tweet that announced the system update, Hryb replied to a question by another Twitter user that there will be no release notes for the fixes.

However, one thing that was not fixed was issues on video playback that were leading to stuttering videos.

A Twitter user asked Hryb in the same tweet on whether it includes a fix on the stuttering videos issue for movies and television programs watched on the Xbox One. Another Twitter user echoed the first user's question, as he has also been experiencing the same problems, adding that the issue started after the New Xbox One Experience update.

The first Twitter user eventually replied to the same tweet that the update does not fix the issue.

Xbox engineer Mike Ybarra, however, took notice of the tweets and said that the Xbox team is aware of the problem and are currently working on solving it.

"We'll fix soon. Sorry about this," Ybarra tweeted.

Some users discussed the stuttering problem on the official Xbox Support forums, with one user describing the stuttering as a slight pause, sudden catch up or freezing of the video, while the audio is not affected. The incident randomly occurs and could last anywhere from one second to three seconds.

Other users reported the same issue, with the problem not present in all movies and television programs being watched.

In the same thread, a forum administrator suggested that users should try to uninstall the Xbox One's Blu-ray player and power cycle the gaming console. Once the Xbox One is turned off, all its cords should be unplugged and left like that for a few minutes. The cords of the Xbox One should then be re-connected and the gaming console turned on, and then the Blu-ray Player re-installed.

Xbox Support also has a page dedicated to troubleshooting tips for stuttering videos on the Xbox One, with the first thing to try is restart the Xbox One.

If that does not work, users are recommended to try the HDTV calibration tool that can be accessed through the Settings menu of the gaming console. The tool can be found after choosing the Video Output option in the Display & Sound menu, with users selecting the Calibrate HDTV option. The user should then follow the steps onscreen to finish the calibration.

For users with audio-video receivers, or AVRs, connected to the Xbox One, they can try powering up the TV, then the AVR and then the Xbox One in that order. Afterwards, they can change the Input of the TV away from the AVR source and then back again, and then restart the AVR. Users should then set the TV connection of the Xbox One to HDMI, which can be done in the TV Connection list under the Video Output option under the Display & Sound menu.

The user that described the stuttering on the official Xbox Support forums, however, said that even while trying all the troubleshooting tips provided, the issue persists.

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