Phone cases seem to be making a lot of promises these days. Take that Lifeproof case we looked at a day or two back that'll give an iPhone battery a boost while snorkeling or tumbling down the side of a cliff.

Even amongst the myriad casing solutions, mJoose's claims are pretty compelling. There's the basic recharging aspect, with a built-in 3,000mAh battery that ads 120-percent of the iPhone's built-in battery life.

More interesting, however, is the built-in range extender, a feature that could offer a light in all of the cellular dead spots around the country - take my New York City apartment, which gets one bar, if I'm lucky.

The technology apparently works with a variety of cellular technology generations, including, naturally, LTE - and from the look of the quick demo I got at this week, it does appear to bump things up a bar or two, even in the wireless signal battleground that is the CES show floor.

The case was recently the subject of an extremely successful Indiegogo campaign - and from the looks of it, you can still get in on that action, with a $79 pledge (down from the retail asking price of $140). Those units are set to ship next month. 

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