If anyone deserves the title of "surprise star" at this year's CES, it's this little guy from Pi Labs. His name is Edwin. He's a rubber duck, clearly, but he's not just any rubber duck. Ole Ed is one seriously connected little waterfowl, with built-in connectivity that allows for communication with mobile devices.

Squeezing, twisting, and tapping him controls the Edwin the Duck app, which is filled with stories and educational games. His little head lights up, so he can be used as a nightlight along with the company's Sleepy Time app, playing white noise sounds and lullabies through his built-in speaker. He uses BTLE, Bluetooth low energy, to control light, sound and motion.

When I asked whether Eddie was waterproof, a rep shot back, "he's a rubber duck! Of course he's waterproof." Stupid question. My bad. He's fully ready for the bath and even features a built-in thermometer to gauge the water's temperature before anyone gets in.

Edwin's available to purchase now for $100. Small price to pay for CES's top duck.

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