The Ebola virus is spreading across West Africa, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. At the moment, the Ebola outbreak death toll has risen to 932, a number that could reach in the thousands if not contained quickly enough.

In light of the outbreak and several staff members falling ill to the virus, a major Liberian hospital has shut its doors with no word on when it will re-open. This is a huge blow to the Liberia's health system and ability to protect and treat citizens.

According to reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) is looking into treating the infected with an experimental drug that was used on two U.S. charity workers who were infected in Liberia. This experimental drug appears to have done a good job, as both infected patients are still alive.

"This outbreak is unprecedented and out of control," said Walter Lorenzi, head of medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Sierra Leone. "We have a desperate need for other actors on the ground - not in offices or in meetings - but with their rubber gloves on, in the field."

Nigerian nurse who treated Patrick Sawyer is dead.

Patrick Sawyer, a U.S. citizen, was the first person in Nigeria to have caught the virus, and to have died from it. We understand he contracted the disease during his trip to Liberia, and brought it to Nigeria. Furthermore, it has been said around 70 persons came in contact with Sawyer, but so far only 27 has been found. The others could very well be spreading Ebola across Nigeria this very moment, and there is nothing anyone can do at this point to stop it.

Interestingly enough, the nurse who treated Sawyer 2 weeks ago, also contracted the disease, and now she has lost her life.

From what we can tell, the Ebola outbreak is spreading at a rapid pace, which means something needs to be done soon or else it could find itself at the very corners of the Earth.

We understand that there's an experimental drug, but it is not certain how effective it is, and if there's any serious side effects. Doctors should think twice before mass producing this drug, because it could turn out to be the door to something even worse than Ebola.

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