Foursquare has launched a completely revamped app that is looking to be the best search engine worldwide.

Foursquare is looking to replace the $5 billion Yelp, with ambitions of even toppling the mighty Google, aided by its new mantra that promises an app that "learns what you like and leads you to places you'll love." 

Back in May, Foursquare revealed that its main location-sharing and check-in app will be divided into two separate apps. The first app that was created out of the division is Swarm, and focuses on the checking-in, badges and find-friends portion of the original Foursquare. Swarm also allows users to search through their check-in history, which can be useful in remembering where you had those awesome chicken wings or the barbershop to blame for your last haircut.

The new main Foursquare app completes the revamp plans of CEO Dennis Crowley. The main app will now feature a comprehensive search engine that allows users to discover popular locations.

One and a half years into Foursquare's life, the startup rejected several acquisition offers for over $100 million. In 2011, it raised investments that valued the company at $500 million to $600 million, but the growth of the company has slowed since then. This caused analysts to wonder if Foursquare had already reached its peak.

Foursquare's revamp, however, may be the boost that it needs to prove that it could be worth billions of dollars.

Foursquare worked with design company Red Antler in revamping the aesthetics of the app, dropping the iconic logo of the app for a new superhero-looking version featuring a red letter "F."

The app's home screen contain top-rated photos of users, which creates an appealing, easy-to-read mobile online search and location recommendation tool that is much nicer compared to the old Foursquare app that barely had any pictures.

The new Foursquare has many features that it shares with Yelp. However, the integration of social data within the app makes Foursquare feel more personal, which is the app's new mission. When users use the app's updated explore features, Foursquare will use the data to improve its accuracy for recommendations in the future.

"The New York community needs Foursquare to win," said an entrepreneur to Business Insider, adding that the local technology sector is actually hoping that Foursquare succeeds with its venture.

"If you don't want Foursquare to win, then you don't love startups or anything they stand for," said New York PR executive Lindsey Green. "They're the good guys."

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