Flanking a Monday's release of iOS 9.3 Preview were beta versions of updates to Apple Watch's WatchOS 2 and Apple TV's tvOS 9. WatchOS 2.2 beta brings multiplayer to Apple's smartwatch and tvOS 9.2 delivers features that had been dropped.

The big news from Apple on Monday was the release of the preview build of iOS 9.3. The sneak peak at iOS 9.3 revealed updates to News, Notes, Health and CarPlay. It also introduced Night Shift, a warmer color palette for night-time reading, and a preview of upcoming tools for education.

However, Apple's other mobile operating systems got a round of meaningful updates in their beta builds.

WatchOS 2.2

Multi-watch support

For those who own more than one Apple Watch, or will do so when the Apple Watch 2 arrives, Apple is testing multiplayer in the beta version of WatchOS 2.2. The update gives users the ability to pair multiple Apple Watches to a single iPhone.

tvOS 9.2

Folder System

A company known for its clean and intuitive user interface designs, it was only a matter of time before Apple began readying tvOS 9's folder system for release. The infrastructure was there already and a similar folder system was built into the old version of Apple TV's OS.

App switcher's UI

The user interface of the app switcher has updated to the cascading card-style presentation employed by iOS 9. Previously, the app switcher delivered active apps horizontally in a presentation similar to a slide show.

Bluetooth Keyboard Support

Some people aren't keen using the Apple TV's Siri remote control for voice searching for content, because the highly capable digital assistant still falls short of perfection and misheard terms are a hassle. The Remote app, which turns an iPhone or an iPad into an Apple TV remote, sufficiently addresses this problem, and support for Bluetooth keyboards simply adds an alternative solution.

Native Podcasts App

It's a first-party app for sorting and playing podcasts through Apple TV, for those times when words are welcome and moving pictures are prohibited on the grounds that they're just too distracting during work, a study session, cooking or cleaning. Users can just fire up a podcasts and divert most of their attention to something else.

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