With fans around the world continuing to mourn Sunday's passing of David Bowie, the iconic artist's music lives on ... and is being played more than ever.

Bowie's catalog generated 51 million video views on Vevo on Monday, Jan. 11, the day after he died, making him the most viewed artist in a single day in the video-streaming platform's history, the company reported Thursday morning via a press release. Previously, Adele amassed 36 million views on Vevo on Oct. 23, 2015, on the strength of her hit single's video, "Hello."

Jan. 11 saw Bowie's catalog on Vevo get a whopping 5,198 percent increase in views. The song that generated the most views within that surge? That would be "Lazarus," which counted 11.1 million views.

Vevo has upward of 60 videos of Bowie's on its website, including earlier records such as "Space Oddity" and "The Jean Genie," all the way to more recent releases such as "Lazarus" and "Blackstar."

It's probably no coincidence that "Lazarus" amassed more views than any of Bowie's earlier works because often when beloved, iconic artists pass away, their fans flock to their most-recent recordings to hear one of their last works of art.

Bowie's posthumous feat is significant, considering Vevo boasts an expansive library of 150,000 high-definition music videos. His works were able to garner 51 million views in one day.

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