In its 15-year life span, Wikipedia has seen quite a few edits. The Wikimedia Foundation recently analyzed exactly how many edits have been made to its 15 million English pages and came up with some pretty interesting results.

At the top of the list is former President George W. Bush, whose page had a massive 46,000 edits, proving just how rocky his presidency really was. Many of the edits, according to the report, were made between 2004 and 2005, which is when he was reelected and at the beginning of the Iraq War.

Of course, there were plenty of other controversial entries that made the top 10 list. In second place was a "List of WWE personnel." This page actually came pretty close to the page for George W. Bush, coming in at around 43,000.

Next up was the page for the United States, which received around 36,000 edits, around 7,000 less than the WWE page. Ironically enough, in fourth place was the Wikipedia page, which had around 34,000 edits.

Other pages that featured on the list included Michael Jackson, Jesus, the Catholic Church and a list of programs broadcast by ABS-CBN.

For reference, according to the Wikimedia Foundation, in 2001 the most-edited page was Creationism, which had 179 edits. This highlights exactly how much the site has grown over the past 15 years, and how much it has become a community-driven place to share information.

Via: Digiday

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