Netflix confirmed on Jan. 17 that its action-packed and thought-provoking Marvel series, "Jessica Jones," is coming back for a 13-episode second season that will be just as awesome and daring as the first.

Netflix made the announcement during its Television Critics Association presentation and the news was such a surprise that even the cast and showrunner of "Jessica Jones," as well as Marvel Television, only found out about it on the same day.

The announcement is welcome news since the series earned rave reviews and both the cast and fans have been anxiously waiting for the streaming site to confirm the possibility. Despite giving the green light for a second season, however, Netflix has yet to give a premiere date for it.

Not even showrunner Melissa Rosenberg has an idea of when Netflix plans to premiere the second season.

"Actually, I'm not sure; I'm not at all involved in those conversations, much to my dismay. [...] I'd certainly love it to be before ["The Defenders"] but there are things that play into that - time, availability," Rosenberg said.

So there's no need to fret, fans, because we will all get to see Krysten Ritter in her boots and leather jacket as she serves justice once again. Who we won't be seeing is David Tennant's Kilgrave but Rosenberg says that they still have to maintain focus on Jessica Jones even if they want Tennant around.

"The show is called 'Jessica Jones,' so the story is about Jessica's arc and how it plays out in its best shape and form," Rosenberg said.

The series has also been lauded for its bold presentation of important issues and it is definitely one of the things fans and critics alike would want to see in the new season.

"There's so much conversation about some of the issues that it [tackles] for women and all of those issues are really, really important, but they were threaded so intricately," Rachael Taylor said.

Rosenberg also noted that the issues she wanted to raise through the series are being discussed and that is was a life goal of hers to make that kind of contribution. That only means that we will all get treated to more insightful pieces woven into Jessica's story in the next season.

It's not only the fans who want to know more about what is next for Jessica. Even its main star wants to keep the story going and has been raring to wear those boots again.

"I had such mixed emotions about the ending, because what does that mean for Jessica's journey or her purpose? So I think I would love to see what she gets into next," Ritter said.

"Jessica Jones" will return on Netflix when the company finally decides when to premiere its second season. In the meantime, you can always go back and marathon the first season while we all anxiously wait.

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