Technology companies are scrambling to get their products Internet of Things ready by connecting them to smartphones, tablets and computers and allowing you to control them remotely. But Apple is taking it a step further with its Apple HomeKit by working with manufacturers and developers to make their products HomeKit compatible and getting Siri to manage all the applications that control your home's smart appliances.

That's right, Siri may have already been your personal DJ or secretary or have done a whole bunch of things for you, even entertain - or vex-you with her sassy attitude but it can now also make your home life comfortable by preparing things in your home from the moment you open your eyes until you doze off in your room.

Is this kind of home automation possible? With today's interconnected home appliances and devices, it is. Below are some of the smart home ready appliances available today.

Smart Locks And Home Security
Smart locks like the Kwikset Kevo, Goji and August have the capability to unlock the door for you without a key. They can also send a photo of whoever is ringing the doorbell to your phone and, once you see who your guest is, you can unlock the door and allow them to enter without having to run all the way to the front door.

There are also home security systems like Canary that streams high definition videos of what's going on inside your home while you're away so you would be sure to know which among your pets made a mess without having to interrogate them. This would also alert you should any intruder break in.

Lighting And Thermostats
You don't have to get up to switch the lights on and off or adjust the thermostat because smart lighting like the Philips Hue Home Kit and smart thermostats, like the ones Nest offers, have arrived. These could give you more comfort by adjusting the lighting according to your needs and the temperature according to your level of comfort.

Smart Appliances
GE, Whirpool, LG and Samsung are just a few of the companies investing in smart appliances. Your refrigerators can now tell you when you should do your groceries and something is about to spoil, your washing machine can automatically do your laundry for you-all you have to do is dump your dirty clothes in-and smart televisions can access the internet and stream your favorite shows.

Apple HomeKit
Basically, with all the available smart devices now, what Apple wants to do is to streamline the process by getting companies to make their devices Apple HomeKit compatible. This would then enable Siri to use the individual applications that control all smart devices and allow you to personalize your home even more.

You can set up an alarm with Siri which will not only wake you up but get the coffee started, turn the lights off and open the window blinds. You can tell Siri you're almost home and it can remotely adjust the temperature and turn on the lights for you. You can input a movie night and Siri would make sure you have your stock of soda in the fridge and the TV is ready to stream the movies you selected.

"HomeKit lets you create scenes to connect and control appliance settings in different combinations... So without you even giving commands, your home is always at the ready," Apple wrote.

All you really have to do is make sure you purchase Apple HomeKit compatible smart devices and set it up.

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