Apple has uploaded a new support document for HomeKit to its website, suggesting that the Apple TV will be a main hub for HomeKit.

In fact, Apple TV will be required for those who want to be able to control HomeKit-enabled devices while they're outside of their home.

"If you have an Apple TV (3rd generation or later) with software version 7.0 or later, you can control your HomeKit-enabled accessories when you're away from home using your iOS device," says the company on its website. "Sign in with the same Apple ID on your iOS device and Apple TV, and you'll be able to use Siri commands to remotely control your accessories."

Many will be frustrated at this news, which essentially will mean that users will be forced to buy Apple TV, even if they do not use it.

It is largely expected that Apple will unveil a new Apple TV device this year, and will likely push the device as one that will enable many HomeKit-related features. Thankfully, however, even though there will be a new Apple TV in the near future, those with older models will not need to purchase a new one to take advantage of HomeKit.

Of course, while some might be unhappy about the fact that the Apple TV will be the hub for HomeKit, Apple TV really is the best option for controlling the home without Apple selling another HomeKit device. First of all, Apple TV is a device that sits at home and remains connected to Wi-Fi, enabling users to communicate with it via their iPhone.

Apple could also have not created a hub at all, instead having devices connect to the Internet individually. While this would certainly have been an option for the company, it would have eliminated the possibility of a number of "smart" features. With Apple TV, all HomeKit devices in a single home will communicate, essentially meaning, for example, that when a user opens a door and triggers a sensor, Apple TV can use the information to turn on lights.

Apple has also uploaded a support document detailing the devices that will initially be available for HomeKit. While the list is a little small, it is expected that more devices will be added to it as time goes on.

Despite reports and rumors suggesting that Apple would release the new Apple TV box at WWDC this year, the most recent rumors suggest the company has judged the new box not yet ready for the public. If these rumors turn out to be true, we may not see the device until Apple's annual press event in September or October.

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