Mad Max: Fury Road has gotten the Steam game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive treatment that we never knew it needed.

RealFreemanTV has come out with a CS: GO custom map that pays tribute to the Academy Award Best Picture nominee Mad Max, featuring a properly rusted desert aesthetic, appropriately cutthroat weaponry and a lot of very, very dusty explosions.

The online first-person shooter game teaser explains that the object of CS: GO Truck Wars, as the content-providing duo named its trailer, is to protect and construct barricades around the player's homebase, cruise around in vehicles only befitting a post-apocalyptic dystopia and attack any enemy in sight. 

Even more importantly, now, we all have a way to pretend to be Imperator Furiosa for a day.

Check out  CTX and Jarro's Mad Max-themed CSGO: Truck Wars map in the video clip below.


Via: Kotaku

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