For Netflix viewers who have trouble browsing through the streaming service, developer Cyris finally brought a viable solution to the table: Netflix Super Browse, a browser extension that works on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Netflix has a massive library that consists of thousands of TV shows and movies, where they are all categorized into thousands of micro-genres. Because of that setup, it would sometimes take ages to find new and appealing content.

A workaround method to unlock these so-called hidden genres has emerged, though. Subscribers can play with the end number of the Netflix URL (e.g., and land on various sections of the streaming service to discover and find content. As everyone can imagine, that's not exactly the most efficient method.

Now, there'll be no need to guess or copy and paste numerous codes to search for those genres thanks to Netflix Super Browse.

Once the plugin is installed, all the viewer needs to do is head to the website version of Netflix and log into his or her account. On the main page, the Super Browse menu will be positioned beside the Netflix header.

Gone are the days of keying in assorted codes and changing them to get around Netflix like a caveman. But seriously, this convenient and simple tool is a big game changer. Of course, that doesn't discount the old method, but Netflix Super Browse will likely become the go-to approach to browse Netflix.

Netflix Super Browse rolled out on Jan. 11 and is available free of charge on Chrome and Firefox. However, take note that it is still in beta, so running into a couple of bugs here and there is safe to expect.

As for the reaction of Netflix, the company's spokesperson Marlee Tart tells Mashable via email that Netflix only uses the secret categories to generate recommendations for subscribers based on their viewing histories. In other words, the streaming company doesn't seem to be bothered by the extension at all.

In related news, the creator Cyris is ecstatic about the positive reaction that Netflix Super Browse has been receiving.

To sum things up, this is a godsend for Netflix binge-watchers.

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