The entire collection of Apple Watch Hermès will be available online for the first time by the end of the week.

Apple released the Apple Watch in April 2015 and announced the Apple Watch Hermès collection in collaboration with luxury fashion house Hermès in September 2015.

"Apple and Hermès make very different products, but they reflect the deep appreciation of quality design," said Jonathan Ive, the chief design officer at Apple. "Both companies are motivated by a sincere pursuit of excellence and the desire to create something that is not compromised. Apple Watch Hermès is a true testament to that belief."

The Apple Watch Hermès collection hit select Hermès stores and only a few Apple retail stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Tokyo and more. However, the Hermès collection of the Apple Watch was not available online. Now for the first time starting Jan. 22, customers will have the option to buy the Apple Watch Hermès collection from Hermè and

The Apple Watch Hermès collection includes three strap options: the Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff. The Hermès package of the Apple Watch contains a stainless steel Apple Watch, a band and a unique Hermès watch face.

In total, there are 10 models in the Hermès collection with a starting price tag of $1,100. The Single Tour model offers a more classic look to the Apple Watch. Customers have the option to pick from either 38mm or 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch and in Fauve, Noir and Capucine (38mm only) color options. Customers have to pay $1,100 for the package.

The leather Double Tour model has a band that can wrap around twice on the wearer's wrist. It comes with a 38mm Apple Watch and band is available in four color options: Fauve, Etain, Bleu Jean and Capucine. The model has will cost $1,250.

The most expensive package is the Cuff band and is priced at $1,500. The package contains a thick cuff-style band in Fauve color option only and is shipped with the 42mm Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Hermès collection bands will not be available for sale as a standalone piece and customers have to purchase the entire package.

Apple Watch has attracted many customers worldwide. The Apple Watch Hermès collection may have enticed many brand conscious customers. However, limited availability may have deterred many customers from buying the Hermès collection.

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