This 'Titanic' Model Uses 120,000 Lego Bricks - Including Minifigs Clinging For Survival


The 120,000-piece Lego recreation of the Titanic as it splits in half from colliding with an iceberg during its maiden voyage is already impressive enough as it is. But what makes Lego builder Ryan McNaught's brick recreation stand out from other incredibly detailed replicas are all the minifigs scattered throughout the model.

McNaught spent around 250 hours building his masterpiece, which even lights up! The way the ship's stern has been able to stay up with just a “thin connection” is an incredible feat of engineering according to The Brothers Brick.

But what really makes our eyes pop is the fact that this Titanic was built to minifig scale. Little Lego men and woman are scattered throughout the ship and even in the water telling their own various mini stories of terror, and fighting for survival as the ship splits in half.

When you look into the opening of the ship, there are minifigs hanging on for dear life. Four minifigs are working together to help their friend back up. One poor chap has a pile of ice that fell on top of him.

Up on the deck, minifigs are also scrambling in chaos. One man is hanging from his foot caught on a hook, others are by the railings, looking hopelessly at the fortunate few in lifeboats and the unfortunate ones in the icy cold, blue water.

Stories are told even in the little blue lifeboats, rich passengers in top hats would rather save their bulky chest full of money on the boat, rather than take in survivors who are swimming around. Another minifig floating in an upturned vessel has a sad look on his face as it looks at the devastation around.

Others have used minifigs and Lego to recreate scenes from historical events, but not since James Cameron's “Titanic” have we felt our heart strings pulled at the loss of the real life Titanic. They may just be minifigs, but McNaught was certainly able to convey the heightened emotions that must have happened on that fateful night.

Check out McNaught's works on Flickr.

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