Piecing Together History: Teen Recreates Nazi Holocaust in Lego


History can be a tricky topic to teach, especially when it comes to more sensitive areas like the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany. However, one highschool student from the UK managed to come up with a creative, yet informative way to present the timeline of the Holocaust with dioramas made entirely of Lego.

John Denno, a 16 year old teen from Liverpool, had to complete a project about World War II, but was worried that his artistic skills, or lack thereof, might drag his grade down. To work around it, he created scenes from the war instead using Lego sets. His teacher and mother were impressed by his work and so are others who were able to see his creations on his imgur and flickr accounts and on reddit.

Denno chose important moments beginning from Hitler's rise to power in 1933, and ending with his death by suicide in 1945.

"I chose LEGO because that is what I'm good at. I can't draw for the life of me so I thought this would be an interesting way to present the project," he said.

All the Lego pieces used for the project were from standard sets. The only customization made was for Hitler's signature mustache. Other characters were made using clever mix-and-matching of pieces like Uncle Vernon from Harry Potter, Star Wars' Chancellor Palpatine, and Luke Skywalker to create Joseph Stalin, Former Premier of the Soviet Union.

According to reports, Denno spent a total of 6 hours to create and photograph his Lego Nazi Timeline project. Denno already had a lot of practice building dioramas with Lego. His flickr account showcases his talent for recreating iconic scenes from Star Wars and even the last days of Jesus.

Although the project certainly looks fun, it touches on a deeply disturbing era of history. A fact which was not lost on the young creator's project.

"The biggest thing I realized... is just how long the persecution went on. From 1933, Jews slowly lost all their rights until they were being murdered in the thousands," he shared when he reflected on the shocking things he learned while making the timeline.

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