The Super Bowl is one of the greatest events in the United States, and the distinction has flowed over through various aspects of the annual game such as its halftime show and the advertisements shown for viewers watching the spectacle on TV.

Brands have been known to spend million on the production and placement of Super Bowl advertisements, and YouTube has been looking to tap into that investment using its online video-sharing service.

Through YouTube's AdBlitz platform, which has been online for the past seven years, advertisers are given the chance to upload their advertisements early. And, for Super Bowl 2016, a couple of brands have already uploaded teasers and clips on their planned advertisements, despite the kickoff being a couple of weeks away.

Users that access the AdBlitz platform will see clips by fast food chain KFC and website builder for their Super Bowl 2016 advertisements, with more companies sure to add teasers soon. The platform will also be allowing users to vote for and share their favorite advertisements shown over the event.

Google is claiming that the platform has seen massive success, with users last year watching the equivalent of about 1,600 years of Super Bowl advertisements in YouTube. About 40 percent of the viewing time, Google noted, occurred before the game actually started. During the game itself, about 300,000 hours worth of advertisements were viewed online.

To be able to further capitalize on such insane figures, Google announced that it is launching a new real-time advertising tool that will work across all of the platforms of the company. The tool will allow marketers and brands to run advertisements with the proper timing to big moments in live events. The toll is still in its beta stage, but it is said that it will be applied at the upcoming Oscar Awards.

According to Kantar Media, the prices for advertisement spots during Super Bowl have increased by 76 percent over the previous decade, with CBS executives said to have revealed that the placement rate for Super Bowl 2016 is over $5 million.

With that much money invested into Super Bowl advertisements, it is of no wonder that companies will be making the most out of them, such as by uploading teasers early on AdBlitz.

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