For more than 50 years, we've seen Paul McCartney rock out as one-fourth of The Beatles, continue to change rock music as a solo act and also be a part of some pretty epic selfies. However, we've never seen the music legend do anything quite like this before.

McCartney has collaborated on the score for the upcoming Bungie and Activision title "Destiny," which will hit stores Sept. 9. The singer has also written the theme song for the game, which he plans to release as a single after the game hits shelves.

McCartney has been working on the score with Marty O'Donnell and Mike Slavatori, famous for composing the music to the "Halo" series. Although he became involved in the project in 2010, McCartney publicly announced his involvement with the project in 2012 with a tweet that read, "I'm really excited to be working on writing music with @bungie, the studio that made Halo." McCartney and O'Donnell have worked at Abbey Road Studios in London, as well as studios in New York and Los Angeles, to collaborate on ideas for the score.

The theme song, whose title has not yet been announced, was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with a 120-piece orchestra under the direction of Giles Martin, the son of George Martin, who famously produced the majority of The Beatles' albums. Though not much else has been revealed about the song, it is apparently about hope. With that message, in addition to a lush, orchestral backing and McCartney's classic vocals, the theme song is sure to catch the attention of more than just gamers. Let's just hope it's able to stand the test of time better than "Pac-Man Fever."

Although McCartney is best known for his work with The Beatles and his own solo singing career, he actually has a prolific career in writing scores for films (1966's "The Family Way"), orchestral albums (2006's "Ecce Cor Meum") and ballets (2011's "Ocean's Kingdom"). You can hear "Destiny"'s score before its official release on the beta version available now, and early reports say the score is pretty diverse with moments of orchestral, choral and percussive music. 

In "Destiny," you play "a Guardian" of the last city on Earth, and as such, you have immense power. It's your job to defend the earth against those trying to take it down. The story is pretty epic, and from what we've seen so far, the graphics look amazing. McCartney's contribution to "Destiny"'s score is just the icing on what is sure to be a very sweet video game cake.

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