A slew of new emojis are well under way to roll out later this 2016 – from drooling and nauseated faces to clinking glasses and a rhinoceros – but notably speaking, it's going to come with bacon.

First things first, what this entails for iPhone fans is that there's a pretty good chance they'll get most, if not all, of the new emojis when iOS 10 goes official.

As part of Unicode 9.0, the new set comes to a total of 74 icons, which will be joining the already massive selection of existing emojis. Emojipedia lists all the candidates that the Unicode Consortium has accepted.

"Emojis included as candidates for Unicode 9 are based on popular request, gender-matching pairs and compatibility with emoticons in existing platforms," the website says.

Back in October, Apple launched iOS 9.1, and the update came along with numerous anticipated emojis, including a taco, a unicorn and the coveted middle finger icon. The third one's absence in iOS 9 caused a huge disappointment for fans everywhere.

Now, here is a closer look at the upcoming collection. Since bacon is in the mix, it's only natural to start things off with the food-themed emojis. The rest of the appetizing icons will consist of a cucumber, croissant, potato, carrot, avocado, kiwifruit, green salad, pancakes and peanuts, to name a few.

As for the animals, the new set will come with a deer, gorilla, rhinoceros, bat, eagle, duck, shark and many others. Meanwhile, the section of faces and people will range from a clown face to a face palm and a pregnant woman, which could be useful for making the big announcement in the future.

To sum things up, the categories go from faces and body icons to transportation and sports, which features wrestling, water polo and handball among others.

Just to be clear, even if Unicode 9.0 arrives, users will have to wait for a software update before they can dish out these neat emojis. More to the point, some of these may not get approved for launch alongside the others, but at the end of the day, it seems that the bacon emoji is a shoo-in.

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