Deadpool's marketing campaign so far has been spot-on. From the official Deadpool Twitter page exclusively following Hello Kitty, to the clever posters and brilliant trailers, the movie continues to ride a wave of hype as it draws ever closer to its premiere date.

This latest ad for Deadpool, however, is unlike any ad you've ever seen before. It was spotted by actor Patton Oswalt in Los Angeles, and it's crude, clever and 100 percent true to Marvel's "merc with a mouth" in every way.

The billboard doesn't feature any words or even an image of Deadpool himself. There isn't even a logo.

Instead, the billboard is simply two emoji icons and the letter "L." The skull represents "dead" (of course), the poop stands for "poo" and the "L" at the end finishes it all up, "spelling" Deadpool. The words "In Theaters Feb. 12" appear underneath the images.

Oswalt was impressed.

Even better is that the official Deadpool Twitter account responded to Oswalt's tweet with, you guessed it, an emoji.

The film has officially received an "R" rating for "strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity." That sounds like Deadpool, all right. You can watch all of the antihero's antics for yourself when Deadpool arrives at a movie theater near you on Feb. 12.

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