Season six of HBO's "Game of Thrones" is still three months away but that's not stopping the production from pulling fans right in to get them excited. The "Game of Thrones" official twitter account just used the auto-reply feature to get people to pledge their allegiance to one of the three powerful houses in the realm in exchange for a 25-second teaser video featuring that house.

It all began on Jan. 22 when the "Game of Thrones" account tweeted a simple message urging fans to choose their allegiance by tweeting #HouseStark, #HouseLannister or #HouseTargaryen. The prize for the fans' allegiance is a chilling video of each of the house's damaged flag waving in their respective element.

#HouseStark Pledge allegiance to House Stark of Winterfell and fans get to see the image of a snow-capped mountains getting struck by a powerful lightning.

"Winterfell is mine... come and see," Ramsay Bolton says in his chilling, sadistic voice as if he is issuing a challenge. Watch it below.

It may not look like much but the tease of having a lightning bolt striking the snowy realm of Winterfell is very representative of how the Boltons struck the House Stark and is ultimately responsible for the death of Catelyn, Robb and his wife, and for Sansa's suffering in the hands of her sadistic husband, Ramsay.

"[House Bolton's] blades are sharp" and, with Jon Snow's death and the uncertain fates of Sansa, Arya and Bran, who will reclaim Winterfell from House Bolton's grasp now?

The High Sparrow speaks in the House Lannister teaser and he reminds everyone that there is power in numbers.

"Together we can overthrow an empire" he says in the teaser and the word "Shame" echoes in the background and fans are reminded of how the High Sparrow and the common people were able to bring down Cersei from her pedestal and atone for her shameful acts by walking the streets of King's Landing naked and how King Tommen was powerless to even visit his mother, wife and brother-in-law.

#HouseTargaryen Drogon flew Daenerys to another land after saving her in Mereen and the end of season five shows her surrounded by Dothraki warriors. It's only fitting that a Dothraki warrior speaks in the Targaryen teaser reminding Dany that she is nobody. Her fate is now uncertain without Drogon to aid her.

So far, House Stark received the most number of pledges of allegiance but House Targaryen is gaining on them. Then again, House Lannister could always get that come-from-behind win. Who knows who they would owe in order to win... and a Lannister always pays his debts.

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