As if there isn’t an abundance of zany (yet much-anticipated) fast food ideas yet, McDonald’s introduces another novelty item on its menu: chocolate-drizzled McDonald’s fries, which are expected to hit the chain’s Japan stores on Jan. 26.

Called McChocolate Potatoes, the fries will be bathed in milk and white chocolate for a sweet-and-salty treat that stays in the middle ground between side dish and dessert.

Reports revealed that the chocolate-covered fries may be added in regular meals for an additional 60 yen or 51 cents, or ordered a la carte for 330 yen or $2.74.

The fries are available only for a limited time, and this may be good or bad news depending on one’s inclination to order them.

McDonald’s highlighted in a press release that the McChoco Potatoes can be enjoyed for various occasions as a dessert fare. “The combination creates a wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste,” the release stated.

The global fast food chain is regularly testing new products in the Japanese market, gauging if they can be expanded out to stores around the world. McDonald’s said it has no plans yet to bring the chocolate-covered fries to the United States.

Other side items have made their debut on its menu, including mozzarella sticks, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes. Local favorites are also incorporated in its lineups, including Canada’s lobster rolls and the McCrab sandwich on the East coast’s Delmarva peninsula.

There have been notable launches, including the following:

  • Modern China Burger, a gray-bun variety for Halloween
  • McRice burger in grains-loving Philippines
  • Taro pie in China, a purple-hued alternative to the classic apple pie
  • McGazpacho in Spain for customers’ fix of the classic cold tomato soup
  • Mashed potato burger released in 2012 in Japan
  • Bubur Ayam, a classic Asian rice dish, for the Malaysian market
  • Nurnburger, a marriage of two German favorites: burgers and Bratwurst
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