Vine General Manager Jason Toff announced over Twitter that he is joining Google to work on VR.

The announcement came following the major restructuring of the company which had seen other key executives leaving the social network soon.

"Personal update! I'm joining Google to work on VR. So much exciting potential there," tweeted Toff.

"The decision to leave Vine was hard. I love the team, am so proud of what we've done and know there are incredible things ahead for them," said Toff in another tweet. Toff, who saw Twitter's acquisition of Vine back in 2012, is rejoining Google in order to become part of the company's virtual reality ventures.

Toff had also previously worked at YouTube and started to lead Vine's New York team in the beginning of 2014. With the future of Vine looking a bit shaky and uncertain as Twitter's own future, Toff sees his return to Google as something that's more exciting than what has been going on in Vine.

Other key executives that are also leaving Twitter include Alex Roetter, senior VP of engineering; Kevin Weil, senior VP of product and Katie Jacobs Stanton, VP of global media.

Twitter co-founder and returning CEO Jack Dorsey clarified in a tweet that the executives' decision to leave the company is based on their own prerogative and not as a part of the restructuring process.

It should be recalled that when Dorsey had resumed his position in the company, one of the first actions he did was to enforce layoffs across several departments. In October, there were a total of 336 employees that were fired under his leadership which makes up around 8.2 percent of Twitter's total employees worldwide. The bulk of the layoffs were seen in the company's engineering and product function departments.

In order to fill in the posts that are soon to be vacated, Dorsey also announced some newly added responsibilities to other key figures in the company. These include COO Adam Bain that will now become responsible for the Media team and the HR team; and CTO Adam Messinger who will be heading the company's consolidated engineering and consumer product, design and research, user services and Fabric.

Toff also replied in a tweet that while he's going back to Google, he'd still be staying in New York City. His announcement on Twitter had so far earned him a number of well-wishers who are also excited to see what he can do at Google.

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