Duncan Jones Gives Fans A New Look At 'Warcraft's' Stormwind, And It's Filled With 'World Of Warcraft' Easter Eggs


Warcraft is coming this summer, and one of the most prominent locations in the high-fantasy film will be the human capital of Stormwind. We've seen looks at the CGI city in the film's first official trailer and from the back of a gryphon in a virtual tour, but now director Duncan Jones is giving fans a street-level view of the city that many World of Warcraft players are intimately familiar with.

One image Jones tweeted out shows a Stormwind city street and some of the various businesses to be found there, including The Woadside Inn and The Slaughtered Lamb inn. Another image shows a notice board filled with fliers, as Stormwind soldiers relax in the background. Check them out below.

There are a number of Easter eggs hidden in the two photos, some that will be immediately noticeable for any World of Warcraft fan. Aside from the set nailing the look and feel of the city's architecture, the notice board is straight out of the game. Look closely at the fliers and you can even read what some of them say. One is a "Wanted" poster for the gnoll criminal Hogger, who is one of the first "Elite" status enemies Alliance players must defeat in the the game. Other fliers advertise seasonal in-game events like the Darkmoon Faire and Brewfest. There is another flier warning of a Kobold infestation, a callback to another early World of Warcraft quest in which players must eliminate the creatures.

The names of the various shops in the images also hold some secrets. Fans won't recognize The Woadside Inn, but that's because it's a reference to the director's old World of Warcraft guild, rather than an existing inn within the game universe. There is, however, a Slaughtered Lamb Inn, but that has been changed to a butcher shop for the film.

If the entire film is filled with this level of detail, fans of the Blizzard's Warcraft games should have plenty to dissect. Warcraft is set to arrive in theaters on June 10, 2016.

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