Over the previous months, LG G4 owners from all over the world have complained about a mysterious bootloop issue that affects the smartphone. For seemingly no reason, the LG G4 will reboot at random times and then get stuck in a bootloop with no fix.

The LG G4 is one of the best Android smartphones of 2015, and users aren't giving up on it that easily. A petition has been recently formed, composed of LG G4 owners affected by the problem, to force the company to acknowledge the problem and to provide free replacements for the defective units.

The petition, which was created by Santiago Archila, claims that the bootloop problem potentially affects all LG G4 devices, and is not specific to certain carrier-branded versions or regional models. Archila added that LG's response regarding the matter has so far been unacceptable, as the company has not handled the problem consistently. Some users have had their smartphones replaced, while others were told that the model number of their LG G4 is not eligible for any replacements or repairs.

Complaints regarding the issue could be seen around the Internet since September last year, with the issue first thought to only affect the early models of the LG G4. The issue was initially flagged as a motherboard problem on certain variants, but even newer models of the smartphone have been affected by the bootloop issue with no solution in sight.

It took a while, but LG has finally admitted that the LG G4's bootloop issue is a hardware defect, after Android Authority picked up the story on the problem and confronted the company regarding it.

In addition to LG acknowledging the problem, the company said it will be repairing the affected devices, stating that the source of the bootloop problem is loose contact between some of the handset's internal components. The company also confirmed that the previous attempts to solve the issue failed because of misdiagnosis, leading to wrong parts undergoing replacement.

LG said customers experiencing the bootloop issue should contact the local carrier from where the LG G4 was acquired or a local LG service center for repairs under full warranty. For customers who purchased their LG G4 from non-carrier retail outlets, they should reach out to an LG service center, though warranty conditions will be different in such cases.

"LG Electronics is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to some of our customers who initially received incorrect diagnoses," the company said.

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