'The Order: 1886' trailer puts a unique spin on Nikola Tesla


Today at Sony's Gamescom press conference, PlayStation 4 exclusive game The Order: 1886 got a new preview. This one revealed that none other than historical figure Nikola Tesla is a character in the game, and that he plays a very important role.

As you can see in the Gamescom trailer below — the same one shown at Sony's press conference — the trailer showcases some new weapons and environments in the game. This 2+ minute trailer explains that Tesla is the man responsible for making all of the highly advanced, steampunk-ish weapons that the game's Knights wield. This gives Tesla a pivotal role in the game, and represents just one of many real life individuals that are being incorporated into the game.

Developer Ready at Dawn says that Tesla's unique weapons add new elements to the gameplay, allowing you to experience various approaches to combat, "whether it's brute force or stealth." Among his contributions to the team are weaponry like the Arc Gun, which uses electricity, and the Thermite Rifle. Both weapons can be seen in action in the trailer.

Tesla's backstory in The Order: 1886 has him moving to the United States in 1884, where he works alongside many influential historical figures. But when the Order becomes interested in his work, they convince Tesla to go back to Europe and become one of them. Tesla is appointed chief scientist of the Order, developing more weapons and gadgets for the group to use as the game unfolds. It doesn't appear that he'll be a playable character or that he'll be seen in the field, but some new concept art released alongside the trailer indicates he'll have a huge lab at whatever sanctuary the Order calls home.

The trailer seems to imply that complications may arise in the game when and if the Order's enemies come into possession of some of Tesla's advanced weapons. Given how powerful those weapons are, they could be used to devastatingly dangerous effect by a villain.

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