I've got some good news and some better news for Animal Collective fans.

      1. The Baltimore experimental indie-pop group has a new record coming out in just under a month and
      2. You can get an exclusive sneak listen of the LP's latest single, "Lying in Grass," right now.

Better still, that song's available via the iOS app Painting With (which shares its name with the forthcoming record), which encourages users to make a collaborative MS Paint-style psychedelic mess as the song plays in the background.

The track kicks off as soon as you open the canvas, and closes up shop when the song finishes. It's extremely basic and surprisingly engaging, like the poor man's indie-rock band version of VR, creating a strange and utterly independent engagement with the song.

You can do it solo or with online strangers — I recommend the latter. There's a lot to be said for making a big, bright flashing mess alongside one of the most innovative rock groups of the last 20 years.

Those looking for something more traditional (or those who are just devoid of the proper Apple devices) can download the single on Feb. 1, with the full album dropping two weeks later. You'll also find a YouTube-style taste below.

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