Despite what rumors have to say about Marvel unwillingness to move forward with the "Iron Fist" series on Netflix, it seems there is no truth to that after writer Scott Reynolds shared an Iron Fist image via his Twitter page.

For those who are unaware, Reynolds is one of the writers behind "Jessica Jones," and with this picture, he is widely expected to pen "Iron Fist" as well. He also changed his profile description to acknowledge that he is indeed writing "Iron Fist."

At the moment, Marvel and Netflix have yet to release any information regarding when folks can expect to watch "Iron Fist." However, we are confident the character will appear on the screen for the first time via Luke Cage, and then from there, Marvel should then share more information.

Another critical piece of information that Marvel is keeping close to its chest is who will play "Iron Fist" on Netflix. We had previously thought that Marvel was still in the process of locating the best man for the job, but according to Luke Cage actor Mike Colter, an actor has already been found.

"The actor has been cast, but he's in a basement somewhere," Colter joked to Collider. "When the time is right, they'll let him up and tell him where he is. I am [excited]."

Since the Iron Fist character is heavily based on the Asian culture, it was expected that the actor will be Asian of some sort. However, rumors claim that Marvel is looking to cast a white actor, a move that might not go down well with fans and advocacy groups.

Iron Fist's real name is Danny Rand, and he's a Kung-fu crime fighter who can summon the powers of the Iron Fist. He is one of four members of The Defenders, a team of crime fighters who will make their group debut on Netflix. However, each character will first his own series before The Defenders is a go.

The "Iron Fist" series on Netflix is expected to hit come 2017.

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