The "Game of Thrones" cast wants everyone to know that they have a chance to visit the set of the drama series and help people at the same time. All anyone has to do is to donate to or participate in the Red Shopathon and one winner will get a chance to visit the set of "Game of Thrones" in Belfast, Northern Ireland and mingle with the cast with a friend.

All the houses have rallied together to support's efforts in ending Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) transmission from mother to child and they want you to be part of it as well. Take a look at the video of some of the cast giving hints on what's in store for the lucky winner.

According to, the lucky winner and his or her friend will receive an exclusive tour of the set, get a good look at the props and costumes and claim the Iron Throne. The prize already includes accommodations and plane tickets to Belfast so all you have to worry about is getting on the good side of the old gods and the new to help you win.

Those interested to get the chance to win can give a basic donation of $10, which offers 100 chances to win, $25 will gain a reward of digital thank you cards from the cast, $50 for a mini Funko POP figure. Willing to donate more? $100 will allow you to choose between an exclusive "Winter is Coming" or "Fire & Blood" shirts. The higher the donation, the more exclusive and limited the rewards!

There's barely a week left to the shopathon and some items have limited stocks available so, if you want to collect them, now's a good time to shop and help out at the same time.

The sixth season of HBO's "Game of Thrones" is arriving on April 24.

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