Jason Momoa is Aquaman, surprised? Don't be, the rumors have been in the news for months, and even Momoa himself didn't outright come out and say these rumors were not true. So it is easy to put 2 and 2 together and figure out that he is indeed the king of Atlantis.

With Jason Momoa confirmed as Aquaman by Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, DC and Warner has yet to come and officially make a statement, but we expect this to be sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, we understand that Warner Bros. has landed two writers for the official movie, so chances are this film could fall on one of the dates already secured by the studio.

We've always viewed Aquaman as a badass; however, the character has been overshadowed by his Super Friends rendition. Let's face it; Aquaman in Super Friends was just a character who is known for his ability of talking to sea life. He did nothing spectacular, and he also tends to get caught in six pack rings like an actual fish; how lame is that for a superhero.

Because of the amount of folks who view Aquaman in a terrible light, we expect Warner and DC to go all out in an effort change comic book fans perception of the king of Atlantis. The following are some of the things we expect from Aquaman on the big screen, hopefully at least a small percentage of our thoughts are brought over to the movie.

Hair color:

Aquaman is well known for having blonde hair, but we doubt this hair type would look pleasing on the big screen. Warner and DC should consider giving Jason Momoa a dirty blonde look, or allow him to keep his own hair style. Come to think of it, Momoa looks badass with dark hair; just look him up as Khal Drogo and even Conan the Barbarian.

More than just a fish whisperer:

Talking to sea life is the main thing Aquaman is known for; it is now time to break him out of that. We want to see him using his powers to control water and the ability of super friends. Furthermore, as the king of Atlantis, he should have an army at his disposal, and Atlantean technology should be out of this world.

Hook Hand:

We'd love to see Aquaman on the big screen with his weaponized arm. However, for the sake of the character building, it would be best to introduce him with both arms, then allow him to lose one of his arms in a fight or some terrible accident. Aquaman with the hook hand looks deadly in animation, so just imagine how he would look on the big screen.

Make him badass:

The main important thing Warner and DC should aim for is to make Aquaman a badass. Once that is done, be certain that no one will ever remember him as that superhero who loves to talk to fish.

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