Minecraft builders often take a lot of personal time and pay a lot of attention to detail when building and creating objects within the confines of the game. Some, though, like to take objects from the real world and recreate them as closely as they can.

One such Minecraft player decided to pay homage to the Disney Cruise Line by recreating one of the company's ships, the Disney Wonder. However, this isn't just any old replica, this is probably the most accurate copy of the ship ever made, at least in Minecraft.

Charles Goldburn from Planet Minecraft posted the photos and blueprints of the ship, showing off all the incredible details included in his design.

This Minecraft replica includes every part of the ship, including Disney's signature Animator's Palate restaurant, the engine room, Triton's restaurant, the atrium, the pools, the bridge and even the Walt Disney Theater. Each deck is at 1:1 scale and other Minecraft players can get up close and personal with the ship by wandering around on it and examining each individual element.

"This is a first in the Minecraft community, this Disney Wonder is made with upmost [sic] detail and accuracy!" writes Goldburn. "It has a complete interior for you and your friends to explore and enjoy endlessly! Explore the Atrium, Dining Rooms, Kid's Clubs and the not so known crew areas such as the Engine Room, Navigational Bridge and so much more!"

"I love to build water structures such as Cruise Ships, Ocean Liners, and much more transportation types," reads the description on Goldburn's Planet Minecraft page. Goldburn also has Minecraft versions of other ships, too, including the Celebrity Solstice, Oasis of the Seas, Norwegian Sun and the new Disney Dream.

Now Minecraft users can go on a Disney Cruise without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Goldburn writes that his Minecraft cruise ships are so detailed because he actually goes on board each ship and takes photos of everything on them so that he can get the details as perfectly as possible when he recreates them within the game.

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