There a quite a few Marvel gaming apps that allow players to take on the roles of their favorite comic book heroes. These range from fighting games like Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight, to titles that feature LEGO versions of our heroes.

However, now, Marvel is exploring a new part of its universe by bringing its cast of characters back to school.

Marvel and the mobile video game developer TinyCo announced on Thursday the launch of Marvel Avengers Academy, the new mobile game where players take on the role of young adult versions of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the rest of the gang.

In Marvel Avengers Academy, players build, enroll in and run their very own superhero school that is exclusively for gifted students.

Start by building a campus to include training facilities, combat areas, classrooms, dorms and more, and follow along with the new narrative of stories written in collaboration by Marvel and TinyCo. The game features our favorite heroes and villains back when they were just starting to develop and strengthen their powers. The characters can enroll in combat training, attend classes and sign up for a sports team in order to upgrade their specific abilities.

However, players can't forget their characters will have to do their homework, which consists of practicing their powers to defeat Super Villains, building teleports and disarming intergalactic artifacts. There is also the ability to travel to Asgard and other locations in the Marvel Universe, battling enemies along the way.

So, who has been accepted into this prestigious academy? Of course, the entire Avengers team, which is voiced by Hollywood A-listers. The class includes: Hulk (John Cena), Thor (Colton Haynes), Black Widow (Alison Brie), Iron Man (Dave Franco), as well as other Marvel superheroes like Ms. Marvel (Priyanka Chopra), Falcon (A$AP Rocky), Wasp (Alexandra Daddario), Tigra (Bella Thorne) and Spider-Woman (Kiernan Shipka).

Other characters featured in the game include: Captain America, Hawkeye, Vision, Ant-Man, Enchantress, Taskmaster, Captain Marvel, Loki, Ultron, Pepper Potts, Baron Zemo and Black Panther, with many more to come.

Each character comes with a never-before-seen outfit, and since this is an adventure simulation game, the player will be able to control the heroes' and villains' social lives, such setting a pair on a date and having some join a clique. While it doesn't sound like our heroes will be attending wild parties, Avengers Academy allows us to imagine what our favorite Marvel characters would have been like attending school like the rest of us.

"Whether you're voting Cap for class president, fan-girling out with Ms. Marvel, or going on a date with Loki, you're going to have a blast at Marvel Avengers Academy. By embracing everything we all love about Earth's Mightiest Heroes and giving them a fresh spin, we've reimagined fan and cult faves alike as powerful and complex young adults with that magic mix of action, drama and romance that is Marvel," Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games Creative Director, said in a press release. "By digging deep into the Marvel vault to celebrate all things Avengers, we've created an exciting, mysterious and vibrant campus, complete with an ever-expanding roster of students, faculty, backstory and secrets. Class is in session ... do you have what it takes to become an Avenger?"

Marvel Avengers Academy is now available to download for free (with in-app purchases) for iOS and Android.


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