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NVIDIA May Be Working On A 2-In-1 Hybrid Gaming Device With A Desktop And Tablet Mode

XDA-Developers found evidence that NVIDIA could be working on an entirely new 2-in-1 hybrid device for gaming and entertainment. The evidence found in the code shows that the company might be developing it under codename "Mystique."

Computers April 25, 2019

Want A Nintendo Gaming Smartphone? Reports Say Your Wish Might Just Come True

Rumors about a possible Nintendo gaming smartphone is making the rounds on the internet. The Japanese video game maker is reportedly considering entering the gaming handset market to compete with Razer and Xiaomi.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 19, 2019

Red Magic Phone Is A Stock Android Oreo Gaming Phone With Strong Specs And 8GB RAM At Just $400

There's a new gaming smartphone in town, boasting top specs and a stock version of Android 8.1 Oreo. Meet the new Red Magic Phone, set to start at $400.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 20, 2018

Exclusive: FriendO Social Gaming Quiz App Reveals John LaValle CEO, Surpasses 2 Million Players

FriendO, the social gaming quiz app for iOS and Android, has revealed John LaValle as CEO. For his first interview, Tech Times sits down and chats with LaValle about the viral app and the team behind it.

Apps/Software February 1, 2018

‘The Godfather: Family Dynasty’ Mobile Game Is A Hit For Mobster Fans

Enter the world of Vito Corleone and build a crime empire thanks to the new ‘Godfather’ mobile game based on the iconic movie franchise.

Apps/Software February 9, 2017

'Fire Emblem: Heroes' Stamina Cost Too High, Should It Come Down?

Players of Nintendo’s latest mobile game ‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ recently took to Reddit to report that the stamina cost was too high in the game. Even the most menial tasks required stamina and regeneration was slow.

Video Games February 8, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Finally Hits South Korea: Why So Late?

'Pokémon GO' has finally made its debut in South Korea, six months after its initial launch in other markets. Why is South Korea so late to the party?

Video Games January 24, 2017

No PlayStation? No Problem! Sony To Launch At Least Five Smartphone Games In 2018

Sony said back in March that its new ForwardWorks mobile gaming division will bring PlayStation games to Android and iOS, but offered no timeframe. A new report now claims that at least five Sony smartphone games will launch in March 2018.

Apps/Software October 13, 2016

Samsung Gear VR To Get Xbox One Controller Support: Mobile VR Gaming's Future Looking Bright

Microsoft announced that Xbox Wireless Controllers will soon support Samsung Gear VR devices. The first game that will benefit from this is 'Minecraft: Gear VR Edition,' which will receive an update in October, rendering it playable using Microsoft wireless controllers.

Gadgets September 24, 2016

Latest 'Pokémon GO' Update Rolling Out Now, Adds New 'Pokémon GO' Plus Functionality

Niantic has just released the latest update for 'Pokémon GO.' Here are all the details.

Video Games September 23, 2016

Shigeru Miyamoto Announces 'Super Mario Run' For iOS At Apple Event

Nintendo's mascot is at long last set to arrive on mobile.

Video Games September 7, 2016

Get Your Don On In The New Mobile Game Based On 'The Godfather’

Mobile developers Hitcents announced that it is creating a mobile strategy game based on the iconic film franchise ‘The Godfather.’

Apps/Software August 18, 2016

The 'Injustice' Mobile Game Just Got Some 'Suicide Squad'-Inspired Characters And Costumes

New costumes and characters have been added to the 'Injustice' mobile game.

Video Games August 4, 2016

'Pokémon Go': 5 Tips For Becoming A Real-World Pokémon Master

'Pokémon Go' is finally here, so keep these tips in mind when playing.

Video Games July 7, 2016

'Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast' Mobile Game Is A Surprisingly Fun And Stylish RPG

Heavy metal band Iron Maiden's new video game is actually pretty great.

Video Games July 6, 2016

Atari Founder Partners Up With Spil Games To Enter Mobile Gaming Scene

Nolan Bushnell of Atari returns to the mobile gaming scene after 40 years. His collaboration with Dutch developer and publisher, Spil Games should see three mobile games debuting in 2017, followed by more for the rest of that year.

Business Tech April 30, 2016

Nintendo Confirms More Smartphone Games: 'Animal Crossing' And 'Fire Emblem' Coming To Mobile

Mobile gamers, rejoice! Nintendo just announced two new mobile games, with 'Animal Crossing' and 'Fire Emblem' headed to smartphones.

Apps/Software April 27, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Game Pack For Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge Mobile Gaming: 16 Freemium Games With Great Bonuses

Samsung launched an attractive Galaxy Game Pack for its latest flagships, offering 16 iconic game titles and freebies. Galaxy S7/S7 edge owners can enjoy freemium games, including 'Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft,' 'Badland' and more, and get free bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Video Games April 7, 2016

Report Finds That Only 1.9 Percent Of Mobile Gamers Make In-App Purchases

A new report from the mobile marketing firm Swrve found that only 1.9 percent of mobile gamers made an in-app purchase in February 2016.

Apps/Software March 25, 2016

Sony Announces ForwardWorks Mobile Gaming Division To Push PlayStation Games To Smartphones

Sony unveiled that it's setting up a new division dedicated to mobile gaming titles. Called ForwardWorks, the new business will focus on creating original gaming titles and PlayStation fans from Asia and Japan will be the first to reap the benefits.

Business March 25, 2016

New 'Pokemon Go' Info And Images Revealed, Will Include Player Gym Battles

Nintendo is lifting the veil on 'Pokemon Go', with new images and information arriving on the official game site.

Geek March 24, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 Goes Big On Mobile Gaming With Water-Cooling And Vulkan API

Samsung just released the Galaxy S7 line, and it has been revealed to sport several dedicated mobile gaming features. Aside from the Vulkan API, the newly-announced smartphone also highlights a water-cooling system.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 22, 2016

Gaming On-The-Go: Sports Game 'Frog Picks' Lets Users Predict Super Bowl Winner

'Frog Picks' is the sports app that allows players to predict which team or athlete in the NFL, NBA, MLB and more will be victorious for a chance to score the best on the leaderboard.

Apps/Software February 5, 2016

Marvel And TinyCo Launch 'Avengers Academy' For iOS And Android

Mobile gamers can now enroll in superhero school in 'Marvel Avengers Academy,' which features the young adult versions of popular characters developing their powers.

Apps/Software February 4, 2016

Nintendo Joins Virtual Reality Hype, Says It's 'Looking' At VR

Nintendo is apparently 'looking' to join the VR bandwagon, as the company expressed its interest in VR during a briefing with its investors. Considering the projected growth of the VR industry by up to $120 billion, it's not hard to imagine why Nintendo would like a piece of the pie.

Wearable Tech February 2, 2016

'Assassin's Creed Identity' Mobile Game Takes Players Back To The Renaissance

Ubisoft is returning to the Italian Renaissance in 'Assassin's Creed Identity.'

Geek February 1, 2016

Iron Maiden Announces Plans To Unleash 'Legacy Of The Beast' RPG Mobile Game

Heavy metal band Iron Maiden will release a new mobile game for iOS and Android starring its mascot Eddie this summer.

Geek January 18, 2016

Gaming On-The-Go: How To Avoid In-App Purchases In Mobile Games

Here are the best ways to make sure your kids - or yourself - won't go spending big bucks when mobile gaming.

Apps/Software January 16, 2016

'Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2' Is Not A Real Thing, But You Can Buy It On The App Store Anyway

A game claiming to be a sequel to Mojang's wildly popular 'Minecraft' has climbed its way up the Apple Store app charts.

Internet Culture January 7, 2016

Gaming On-The-Go: The Best Mobile Games Of 2015

There were plenty of mobile games released this year, but here's the list of the titles we couldn't stop playing in 2015.

Apps/Software December 30, 2015

Gaming On The Go: Airtel Launches Its Own Game Subscription Service With Over 2,000 'Wynk Games'

The biggest Indian mobile data carrier, Airtel, recently released a mobile gaming platform. Wynk Games follows Wynk Music and Wynk Movies and its beta testing shows over 2,000 titles from national and global developers, all at an affordable price.

Video Games December 30, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: 'To-Fu Fury' Karate Chops Its Way To The Best Free App Of The Week

'To-Fu Fury,' a puzzle-solving game starring a soy block, is now available to download in the App Store and Amazon for free.

Apps/Software December 3, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: Pocket Gems Brings Back The Plastics In 'Mean Girls' Mobile Game [Interview]

Pocket Gems has released a 'Mean Girls' game within its popular 'Episode' franchise that puts the player into the high school featured in the cult classic movie.

Apps/Software November 19, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: November New Releases That Are Worth Downloading

There are lots of new games added to the app stores each month, but in November, these are the best ones worth checking out.

Apps/Software November 12, 2015

Nintendo's First Mobile Games Will Be Free-To-Play With Microtransactions

Nintendo's dive into mobile gaming will let gamers play for free, with the ability to purchase microtransactions throughout.

Geek November 11, 2015

You Can Play The 'Star Wars Battlefront' Companion App Right Now To Stock Up On Credits

EA's free 'Star Wars Battlefront' companion game for mobile devices has been released a week early.

Geek November 10, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: Get Away To Your Personal Party Island In 'Minions Paradise' [Interview]

'Minions Paradise' allows gamers to build a party island with their own loyal army of the iconic yellow creatures.

Apps/Software November 5, 2015

Gaming-On-The-Go: 'Star Wars,' Pixar And Marvel Characters Share The Screen In 'Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0' [Interview]

'Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0' puts the characters of 'Star Wars' and 'Inside Out' in the forefront, and adds new features such as the Toy Box Hub.

Apps/Software October 30, 2015

Mobile Gaming On-The-Go: Tips On How To Survive 'Five Nights At Freddy's 4'

If you are brave enough to face 'Five Nights At Freddy's 4,' here are some tips and tricks to avoid dying a terrifying death by the animatronics.

Apps/Software October 22, 2015

'Fallout Shelter' Update Adds Cloud Saves, New Survival Difficulty

If you're one of the 'Fallout Shelter' players who've master the art of Vault management, a new difficulty may be reason to pick the game up once more.

Geek October 15, 2015

'WWE Supercard' Season 2 Adds Ability To Form Teams, Bug Fixes

2K's WWE card battler just got a major update.

Geek October 15, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: Terrifying Horror Apps For Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with these mobile apps that will have you too scared to play with the lights off.

Apps/Software October 15, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: Here's Why 'NBA 2K16' Gamers Should Check Out The Companion App [Interview]

MyNBA2K16 mobile card-collecting app offers enhanced graphics and gameplay, as well as console connections to 'NBA 2K16.'

Apps/Software October 9, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: 'Lara Croft Go' Turns Tomb Raider In A New Direction, Putting Croft In Captivating Puzzle Game

Square Enix released a new mobile game based on the 'Tomb Raider' franchise, and takes lead character Lara Croft in a new direction in this turn-based strategy game.

Apps/Software October 1, 2015

Kid Gamers Moving To Mobile As Platform Of Choice: Sorry, PC

The Kids and Gaming 2015 report by the NPD Group revealed that mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets, are now the most popular platforms for kid gamers falling under the range of 2 years old to 17 years old.

Video Games September 25, 2015

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