Following the successful release of Rocket League, a new playlist dubbed Rocket Labs, is pegged to be added into the game through an update slated to be rolled out this month. This playlist will bring in new maps to boost the gaming experience.

A report from Gamespot says that the playlist is aimed to provide players with a carousel of new, pretty prototype maps for players to try out.

It says that these maps are going to sport a virtual reality aesthetic. Players will likewise play a huge part in figuring out which of these work-in-progress maps get final artwork assets applied to them through their comments.

At the moment, there exist three Rocket Labs maps in the pipeline. These include:

1. Utopia Retro – this map is a circular-shaped map with a Tron skin. It is worth mentioning that this is inspired by the original game, the Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars, perhaps to appease hardcore fans of the game.

2. Underpass – this map sports varied elevations for additional verticality. This is a two-tiered map with the outer level a bit elevated.

3. Double Goal – as the name suggests, this map features two separate openings for each team's goal.

Psyonix intends to roll out these maps as they are created. However, at the moment, the developer has not yet provided a fixed schedule for when new maps are going to be produced.

Psyonix is also putting in a new functionality that will allow players to report people who are acting offensively. This new feature is going to be accessible via the mid-game menu. The developer will then evaluate the report and decide the best action. 

What's more, Deadmau5-themed items will also arrive together with the forthcoming update.

Right now, the game can be played on PC or PlayStation 4. Its release date for the Xbox One is also just around the corner.

Last year, Rocket League was the fifth bestselling game of 2015 on Steam. It has overtaken Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and The Witcher 3. Reportedly, the game has already earned $50 million.

Should you wish to get the first dibs of these three maps, check out the video below.

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