Get ready to run, leap and soar over the buildings of a futuristic city once more when Mirror's Edge Catalyst releases later this year.

In honor of the release, EA has slowly revealed details about the game, which will serve as a reboot of the first Mirror's Edge game that originally brought first-person parkour gameplay to the world.

Now, Faith is back, and a new trailer shows that we'll learn more about her backstory in the game as she makes her way through the city of Glass to overthrow a group of corporations that control everything.

"We've been dying to show you more from Mirror's Edge Catalyst — and now's the time," writes EA on its website. "With this new trailer you will get to know Faith better through glimpses of her amazing journey — from carefree thrill-seeker to true heroine. You'll also get a taste of what you'll experience as a Runner: unique free running and combat in the stunning yet perilous city of Glass. This is just the beginning. In the upcoming months, you'll learn more about Faith's story, the world around her, and the amazing gameplay of Mirror's Edge Catalyst."

The game is an open-world free-running adventure that will take Faith all over Glass as she strives to take down the evil Gabriel Krueger.

"Experience the rise of Faith," reads the game's official website. "From a careless young woman, to a heroine who opens the eyes of the city and becomes the catalyst for change. You are Faith, and this is her origin story."

EA also announced that it's officially accepting sign-ups for the closed beta of Mirror's Edge Catalyst. However, anyone who signs up must have a "persistent Internet connection," probably to test out multiplayer (which also explains why the game needs a beta test). Anyone interesting in signing up for the beta can do so on the official Mirror's Edge Catalyst website.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst makes some improvements from the previous game: instead of linear paths, Faith can explore an open world, which allows for a variety of ways to get from point A to point B. The game also got rid of guns and instead focuses on Faith's parkour, running and melee skills. EA also promises that the game will never have loading screens to slow down gameplay.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst launches on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 24.

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