Get ready to run, wall climb and leap over objects, at least virtually through a new teaser trailer released by EA DICE of gameplay in Mirror's Edge: Catalyst.

The teaser is short but shows Faith doing her thing, free-running through a city (and don't forget to check out that beautiful skyline). In the clip, Faith is getting audio details on her next mission, but again, the video is so short that there isn't much more information than that.

EA originally announced the Mirror's Edge sequel  back in early June and unveiled some limited game details at this year's E3.

EA DICE promises more footage of Catalyst, as well as many more game details, sometime this week during Gamescom, but they released this video as a tease, which is exactly what it does. EA's Gamescom press conference happens tomorrow, August 5, at 12:30 a.m. PDT.

We have a few details about the game, including the decision of the developers to take guns out of the equation (the previous game allowed Faith to shoot opponents). This focuses gameplay on the elements most popular with that first game: the running, climbing and jumping.

As far as story goes, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will take Faith back to her beginnings and have a definitive villain.

The first Mirror's Edge game was unlike anything gamers saw before, but now, such parkour gameplay occurs more often, most recently with survival horror game Dying Light. Creating a compelling sequel to Mirror's Edge proved a challenge to EA DICE.

"We've been working on the concept ever since the first game, but it's only been in the last couple of years that we've known what we wanted it to be," says EA DICE general manager Patrick Bach to The Guardian. "I talk a lot about cleansing the concept, getting to the core of what Mirror's Edge is. Both the technology, and the idea of what games are, are now different than what they were in 2008."

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst arrives on Feb. 23, 2016.

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