The upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, from director Zack Snyder, will be the first time DC's biggest heroes have shared the silver screen at the same time.

What if it wasn't the first time? What if, back in the 1970s, a live-action superhero smackdown of epic proportions played out on television screens across the country? That's what Batman v Superman 1966 envisions, and it's probably the best spoof on the Batman v Superman trailer we've seen yet.

Via Nerdist, it's a shot-for-shot remake of the film's most recent trailer, taking clips from the Adam West 1960s Batman show, the late 1950s show Adventures of Superman and Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman, which aired in 1975. Sprinkle in some footage from other classic shows, like The Monkees and The Munsters, mix it together with audio from the real Batman v Superman trailer, and you have a spoof masterpiece.

Herman Munster, or Frankenstein, plays the role as Doomsday, while Peter Tork lands the part of the eccentric Lex Luthor. It's almost too perfect to believe. The folks at LeoCurbelo films who put together the video even managed to sync some of the clips with the trailer's real audio fairly nicely, so it looks like Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are actually talking.

This may be one of the best, but it's far from the first Batman v Superman trailer remake. From this recreation using Grand Theft Auto V to many, many others, the Internet can't seem to get enough of Ben Affleck's gravely Batman voice yelling at Henry Cavill's Superman. No doubt, when the full film arrives in theaters on March 25, we will get a shot-for-shot film remake using clips from classic DC shows. However, for now, this trailer will have to suffice.

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