ZeroLemon takes it up a notch once again with the release of its massive 8,500 mAh external battery cases, meant to cater to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge plus users.

Designing external battery cases for the two handsets in particular may be due to the fact that both models share a number of features, including a 3,000 mAh battery. Just like with most recent handsets from Samsung, the batteries in the Note 5 and the S6 edge plus are both nonremovable. They are also long-lasting and boast a really fast charging time.

However, some users may still demand more battery life out of their handsets, a concern that ZeroLemon attempts to address with the release of its mammoth battery cases for both Galaxy models.

With their 8,500 mAh capacities, the newly launched battery cases are designed to increase the battery life of both devices by up to three times. Along with the added battery capacity is the extra weight of 0.48 pounds brought by each of the cases and the added thickness of 0.83 inches. While these extras will give the two handsets a heavier and bulkier feel, the devices are at least getting the extra power that heavy users need.

This is not the first time that ZeroLemon has launched massive external battery cases for the two Samsung handsets. Back in November, Tech Times reported that the third-party battery supplier released 3,500 mAh battery cases for the same handsets.

Apart from manufacturing battery cases for smartphones that have nonremovable batteries, ZeroLemon is also known for creating huge extended batteries for devices that are built with detachable batteries.

The company also unveiled an extended battery for the Galaxy Note 4 last year, which brought a whopping 10,000 mAh of increased battery power.

ZeroLemon designs its battery cases in such a way that these also function as protective cases for handsets. Customers can use the microUSB ports of their handsets when charging the batteries through the cases.

ZeroLemon said that its 8,500 mAh extended battery case is compatible with all Note 5 variants as well as with all Galaxy S6 edge plus variants. The cases for both models are priced at $59.99 and can be purchased through Amazon.

The company is also giving a 180-day ZeroLemon Guarantee Warranty along with a 30-day Full Refund Guarantee from Amazon. If these guarantees are not enough, there is also a 100 percent Zero Defect Guarantee that the company has indicated on the e-commerce site.

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