USB type-C cables are the future of device ports because of their universal and reversible nature. However, skimping on a couple of bucks for a cheap version is not a good idea, as it can potentially fry gadgets.

Googler Benson Leung has been testing all sorts of USB type-C cords on the market to figure out which ones are A-OK to use. It's a Russian roulette type of deal with each test, and he pulled the trigger with the bullet in line when he burned his Chromebook Pixel 2 and two USB-PD sniffing devices with a Surjtech 3M A-to-C cable.

That didn't stop Leung from continuing his noble efforts, though. He kept on testing other units, and he discovered yet another faulty USB type-C cable, the NXET Type-C Cable Braided USB 3.1, noting that it could damage chargers, hubs or PC USB ports.

"This cable does not correctly follow the USB Type C specification Release 1.1 ... Specifically, using this charging cable, the Chromebook Pixel will attempt to draw 3A of current over the cable, potentially damaging the USB hub or charger on the A side, which is not guaranteed to be rated at 3A," Leung says.

In other words, a cheap USB type-C cable may turn out to be faulty, drain too much power than the laptop can handle and destroy it and the connecting device simultaneously.

USB type-C cords are relatively new, and with the promise of reversible connectivity and various significant improvements over its predecessors, it's easy to understand why everyone virtually wants to get ahold of the tech. To steer clear of the destructive cables out there, here are a couple of the best USB-C accessories in the market.

Monoprice USB-C To USB-A Cable

To keep up with the changing times, the Monoprice USB-C to USB-A Cable will do wonders, providing support for both old and new devices. These cords come in variants of 1.5, 3 and 6 feet, where prices vary depending on the length and function.

More to the point, Leung even said that the Monoprice Select Series USB 3.0 C to USB-A Cable is "excellent and spec compliant."

Monoprice USB-C To USB-C Cable

Monoprice continues to deliver affordable quality products with the USB-C to USB-C Cable, and this line of cords is particularly useful for charging purposes and to accommodate tech-forward devices.

Belkin USB-A To USB-C Cable

For reliability and performance, the Belkin USB-A to USB-C Cable can live up to those expectations. It comes in a 3.1 USB version and a 2.0 USB one.

Griffin Breaksafe USB Type-C Power Cable

While the upcoming Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable is solely for powering up devices, it deserves to be on the list.

When Apple removed the MagSafe connector from recent devices for USB-C, some users were not exactly thrilled. Griffin's product provides a way to bring back that safety feature while offering the option to any other laptop that supports USB-C.

It'll be available sometime in April.

Sandisk Dual USB Drive Type-C

The Sandisk Dual Drive Type-C is one of the first consumer-ready flash drives that supports USB-C. It sports a 32 GB storage capacity and a USB 3.0 type-A connector on one side and a USB type-C on the other. It's not really a pass-through adapter, but at any rate, it can transfer data at jaw-dropping speeds on both ends.

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