The late King of Pop Michael Jackson will forever be known for momentarily defying gravity by performing his famous "moon-walk," a dance move he paired up with his song
Billie Jean.

Although the moon-walk involves thrilling choreography, it doesn't quite match up the real feeling of walking on the moon.

If you've ever dreamed of doing exactly that but you're terrified to suit up and be launched 200,000 miles into space, then fret not: a New York-based start-up is developing the right kind of shoes fit for the situation.

Moonshine Crea has designed and created a special pair of loafers called 20:16 MoonWalker, which contain superpowerful magnets at the base of each sole.

By doing so, the magnetized footwear creates a force field, allowing wearers to feel light on their feet.

The start-up is currently raising funds on Indiegogo, and is expected to deliver its final product in September. Its previous goal of $20,000 was surpassed at 713 percent, and it has received $142,589 in support.

As the raised funds increase, the type of MoonWalker stretches to an improved version. At $250,000, Moonshine Crea plans to throw in a free wireless charging pad for people who order the MoonWalker version 2.

Additionally, anyone who upgraded to MoonWalker version 2 will be able to design their shoe thru the E-ink feature.

The Science Behind The 20:16 MoonWalker

The 20:16 MoonWalker depends on one of the most powerful permanent magnets known, the N45 neodymium magnets. These magnets produce their own force field without the need for an external current, and they work like refrigerator magnets.

Patrick Jreijiri, a mechanical engineer and 20:16 MoonWalker designer, said the strength of neodymium magnets rely on their composition, which is a mix of iron, neodymium and boron. Incidentally, there are different levels of magnets such as N42, N45 and N40, he said.

Why did they choose to use N45? "N45 is stronger than the rest and still on the cheap side," said Jreijiri.

The MoonWalker works like this: the sole contains two layers of powerful N45 magnets which are strategically placed so the north poles face each other.

There are about 12 to 13 magnets on one N45 layer, and it repels a parallel layer that also contains 12 to 13 magnets. The repellent force comes from the orientation of magnets.

Jreijiri said each magnet ranges from 1 to 2 inches in diameter. The 1-inch magnets are capable of moving 27 pounds of material, while the 2-inch magnets can move objects up to 55 pounds, he said.

The repelling force covers the entire area of the foot. When the wearer is walking, the combined strength of the magnets will be pushing against him.

"As you're walking, your foot will exert pressure on the magnets unequally," said Jreijiri. And so, he and his colleagues placed bigger magnets under the heel and ball to counteract this extra force.

Additionally, the distance between magnets allows the shoes to adjust to how a person walks and how a person weighs.

"If you're 60 kilograms [132 pounds], you'll feel the same thing as if you are 180 kilograms [397 pounds]," added Jreijiri.

Watch the video here.

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