In what seems like a "kick in the teeth" for patients with prostate cancer, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence refused a special drug that is able to extend their lives. The group has rejected and ruled that the drug cannot be used before chemotherapy.

Because of the decision, a lot of people are criticizing NICE. The NHS drugs regulator in England is not too nice in giving the drug Abiraterone to those who needs it.

Sir Andrew Dillon, chief executive of NICE, said that it was "disappointing" to not recommend the drug for special use but the NHS is not able to hande the "keys of the safe to the drugs industry".

This piece of news was released after eight drugs have also been rejected by NICE. Eight new drugs for advanced breast cancer have been turned down recently. Now, questions about the process of how the agency approves drugs are being asked.

The Abiraterone drug is said to delay chemotherapy and is able to provide a better quality of life to the prostate cancer patients. Life can be extended by five years with the drug but unfortunately, NICE did not recommend the drug. The decision was made even if the Institute of Cancer Research experts affirmed that Abiraterone would be helpful for patients before chemotherapy.

Drug company Janssen who developed the drug is disappointed with the decision. Prostate Cancer UK suggested that it must not stop negotiating with NICE until the drug is approved and made available to cancer patients.

Prostate Cancer UK's Owen Sharp is urging the two to work together.

"An inflexible Nice process plus the drug company's inability to produce all the requested data has led to this being just the latest in a string of hugely disappointing rulings on prostate cancer drugs. Once again men in England will have to take their chances with the Cancer Drugs Fund," Sharp said.

NICE isn't totally rejecting the drug though. In fact, it has already recommended abiraterone as treatment after chemo but not something to be taken before. NICE has also stated that while the drug in question is not really a new type of medication, it is currently the first type of product available that can be used on a patient before underoging chemotherapy.

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