Fans of the Naruto Shippuden titles should know that the latest installment in the series reached Steam, but PC gamers should not be overly excited just yet.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 was ported to PC from console, but it inexplicably retained a number of limitations from its previous ecosystem. For one, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 has a cap of 30 fps on PC, which brings many gaming rig owners to the boiling point.

One staple of having a PC gaming rig is the fact that you may tweak the visual settings and overclock your hardware in order to enjoy ultra-quality graphics, and 30 fps is far from that.

The gaming company behind Naruto Shippuden, Bandai Namco, decided to disable options that are a given to PC players, such as V-sync options. The appalling menus and packing lackluster controller compatibility makes the porting of the game even more unappealing.

Not only is the game locked in terms of visual experience, but the gameplay and story side of the title also draws flak from fans. The game's Steam page shows a mixed set of reviews (read: comments), with players swinging from enthusiasm to indignation.

"You get lag and constant messages about waiting to connect during the fights. And when that's not happening the delay can be so bad your character wont react to your commands for a second," user Drinxiooo says.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 sits at a mediocre 6/10 rating on Steam, with the negative reviews sharing one complaint: the poor optimization of the console game for PC players. For example, quite a few gamers point their finger at the low frame rates that make the game "unplayable."

The fans' disappointment is understandable, as Bandai Namco formerly promised that Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be well-suited for PC play.

In spite of the continuous stream of critics, the game developer can still make it right by fixing the issues in a future update.

If you prefer to watch the adventures of Naruto and his friends, Steam also has you covered. Valve recently uploaded "Naruto: The Movie," "Naruto Shippuden: The Movie," "The Last - Naruto the Movie" and more.

You may rent each film for $3.99 or purchase the bundle for $9.09. Until March 1, a 30 percent price cut is active for all the "Naruto" films. After the first day of spring, each film will cost $12.99.

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