Ready or not, here come the GIFs on Twitter!

A number of users who wanted to tweet from their mobile device spotted a GIF button packed between the post-photo and poll buttons. As soon as users got access to the GIF catalogue button, the animated tweets started to flood the microblogging service.

As they clicked on the button, it opened a selection of ready-made GIFs. The library had sections categorized by mood, as well as a "trending" area, where the most popular GIFs hang out.

Twitter seems to fall in line with other social media platforms that introduced GIFs. Yahoo and Facebook teamed up with third-party companies Tumblr and Giphy to let users toy around with GIF catalogues.

Phil Pearlman is one of the users who captured the GIF button.

Meanwhile, the GIF button disappeared from the Twitter mobile app, indicating that beta testing is still on.

We recently reported that the dating app Tinder integrated Giphy in its iOS app as a way to help people interact easier and in a more relaxed fashion.

A quick search for "GIF button" on Twitter gives a good image of the number of users who got access to the feature. Seeing how many GIFs started flying around, it is safe to say that the addition was welcomed by the tweeting community.

Last year, Twitter spent time fighting to regain the confidence of investors and searching for its way in the tech world. That is why the GIF button might be part of the company's new strategy of expanding its appeal and content.

Aside from their entertaining value, GIFs hold a strong economic potential. By using GIFs, enterprises could promote their products and services in a relaxed, funny manner. For example Kik, the instant messenger app, recently unveiled that it plans to use branded GIFs. For a fee, branded GIFs of companies will make their way in the chat app.

Twitter made no official announcement regarding the embedding of the GIF button, but this is hardly surprising. The company traditionally talks to the media only when new features are 99 percent sure and ready for launch.

When it happens, we will make sure that you will be the first to know.

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